About The Excite Diet Book

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The EXCITE DIET is now available in paperback and to download here on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

This new weight loss program is for anyone who has ever been bored following the same old diet plan day after day.

It will keep you on track by keeping things interesting, with a fresh start every day.

Why follow a dull diet, day after tedious day, when you don’t have to to?

What Exactly Makes EXCITE DIET Different From All The Other Plans?

You know how it is. The first day on any diet is fine. You’re determined to lose weight and keep it off this time. And besides, you have a bright, shiny new diet to follow.

But after a few weeks, even a few days, you get fed up with food restrictions and the exercise routine and you can’t face another day following the plan. You give in to whatever you’re craving and before you know it, your bright, shiny new diet is no more.

With the EXCITE DIET, every day is a new day and a fresh start. You never get a chance to get fed up with any plan – in fact you have a brand new plan for losing weight every day.

In fact, you can pick and choose from 50 daily plans to suit your circumstances and your mood. Try all 50 or only those you like the sound of. There are plans that focus on diet and others that focus on activity – some have an element of both. A number focus chiefly on getting you in the right frame of mind to lose weight today and keep it off forever.

If you need a treat “Bacon Double Cheeseburger Day” “Double Chocolate Muffin Day” or “Ice Cream Day” may hit the spot or choose anything you like with “Eat Anything Day”. Have fun with some of the activity days – I promise no gym is required – unless you love the gym – and then you can use that too.

The EXCITE DIET can cope with whatever life throws at you – feast days and frantic days, work days and holidays, birthdays and dinner parties. And when you reach your target weight there’s an easy “Never have to diet again” strategy built into the plan. Whether you’re full of determination and really want to go all out or you need inspiration to keep going the EXCITE diet has a day for you. You can see the whole list of plans on the Amazon page (see links above).

With the EXCITE DIET, you’ll lose weight for sure one day and one pound at a time, you’ll keep the weight off for good and you’ll never get bored with the same old diet ever again.

Here’s to your success on the EXCITE DIET! You can do it this time – I know you can!


P.S. The EXCITE DIET is available in both paperback and Kindle format for immediate download. Remember you can now use FREE software from Amazon to read Kindle books on any device including your PC, MAC, Ipad, Android phone or tablet. Click here on Amazon.com for details.